Delivered From The Lies Of Homosexuality

by Charlene Cothran


3 thoughts on “Delivered From The Lies Of Homosexuality

  1. Vyvian Chacon on said:

    Hi, you left a message on my blog. I don’t know if it was really you or a hacker. But I’m not following your blog and don’t plan to, nor am I trying to advertise on your blog. There must be some confusion or someone hacked my acct or your acct.?? I will looked into this since this could be serious.


  2. I have been receiving a notice that you are following my blog – every single day. So if it’s not you, then someone is using your site for advertisement. I’ve removed it every day, but it hadn’t stopped it.


  3. Vyvian Chacon on said:

    That’s strange. Will look into it. Let me know if it continues. Sorry about that. Have you received comments to advertise or is it just the following?


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